If I live at Tornagrain, where will my Primary aged child go to school?

Tornagrain Ltd are required to make the school site available to the Council by the 300th unit. The site is essentially ready and accessible already. Discussions are ongoing with Highland Council about their schools capital programme. The Council have indicated that they would require a school roll of circa 100 pupils to operate a school effectively which we expect to be reached in 2024/25. We will update the website as and when we get further information.

We have a child of Secondary School age, where will they go to school if we live at Tornagrain?

Children of secondary school age are in the catchment area for Culloden Academy.  A school bus stops at the end of Hillhead Road to transport the children to school.


Will there be any medical facilities at Tornagrain?

Whilst there will not be a full medical practice at Tornagrain for some time, we hope that within a few years a local practice will have a consulting room at Tornagrain.

Service Charge

I understand that there is a Service Charge at Tornagrain to cover the green space and facilities at Tornagrain, how much will this be?

An initial payment called the Service Charge Entry Payment of £200 is payable on completion of your property.  This is effectively held as a deposit, should any amounts become outstanding during your time at Tornagrain.  An Annual Service Charge of £250 is payable.  A figure of £20.83 is taken by Direct Debit on the 5th of each month.  Tornagrain is registered with the Scottish Property Factors Register – PF000751, which sets out the Code of Conduct for Property Factors.