At Tornagrain we are building a variety of homes from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom detached properties.  All homes are designed to emulate the architectural traditions of the area, but with the highest environmental standards and fibre broadband to each property.

Delivering a range of homes that suit most modern households provide the variety which is crucial in allowing a community to develop, with the benefit of being surrounded by a beautiful local environment of woods and forests.

Facilities for residents at Tornagrain include a regular daily bus service, play area, allotments and tennis courts.

All properties at Tornagrain are subject to a Deed of Conditions. This legal document, common to most new developments, regulates the use of, and changes to properties. It also provides for the payment of a service charge to maintain the public areas and amenities which are owned collectively by residents through the Tornagrain Owners Association.

The Deed of Conditions ensures all home owners comply with the Design Code for Tornagrain which is there to ensure the vision for Tornagrain is both implemented now and protected in the future.

Any questions or disputes about the Code and design issues in general are dealt with by the Tornagrain Conservation Trust the members of which are Moray Estates, The Highland Council and representatives of the Tornagrain Residents.