Masterplan 1
Masterplan 2

The principal output from the Charrette was a masterplan for a new town of about 5,000 homes, shops, schools, employment space and much other social and community infrastructure.  Although the masterplan produced by the Charrette was refined, it remained remarkably robust when subjected to technical review.  A testament to the efforts of those experts and community members who contributed.

The masterplan is centred on a traditional High Street framed by squares at either end.  Neighbourhoods around the town centre all have their own centres providing basis services and schools. All residents are no more than 5 minutes’ walk from their neighbourhood centre and 10 minutes’ walk from the town centre.  It is this compactness and connectivity that will drive the shift in behaviour away from the car, (which people tend to use if the walk is over 10 minutes), to pedestrian and cycle activity.

Allied to streets designed to favour walkers and cyclists, this will give you a safe and attractive environment to move around in.

As well as a plan integrating homes, shops and other necessary facilities in a way which encourages use the Estate wishes to ensure residents are integrated.  The 25% of houses, which will be formally affordable, will be scattered throughout the development on a tenure blind basis, (i.e. you can’t tell which is which), to assist in the creation of a diverse and integrated community.